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Jian Yang, PhD

Post Doctoral Associate
Ph.D. Materials physics and chemistry, Fudan university, China and Montpellier university, France

Contact: jian-yang at

Research Interests: focusing on development of biomaterials using as cardiovascular implants and interfacial processes in contact with blood.

Good haemo-compatibility, controlled biodegradation and suitable mechanical compliance should be integrated into synthetic polymeric materials through monomer selection and design of macromolecular chain. Meanwhile surface properties of polymer should be regulated by introducing functional segments or end-groups so as to induce the cognition of platelet receptors and thrombus formation or intimal hyperplasia. My preliminary research in this lab is to synthesis novel functionalized monomers and to incorporate them into macromolecular chains with citric acid or aliphatic monomers by radical polymerization or polycondensation, and then to characterize their mechanical properties and evaluate their biocompatibility.

Selected Awards / Honors:

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