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Principal Investigator

Guillermo Ameer, Sc.D.

Professor of Biomedical Engineering, McCormick School of Engineering

Professor of Surgery, Feinberg School of Medicine



Lab Manager

Chongwen Duan

Research Interests:
drug delivery, cancer therapy, wound healing

Post Doctoral Associates

Bin Jiang

Bin Jiang, Ph.D.

Research Interests:
Thermoresponsive polymers, stem cells, vascular tissue engineering
Research Summary

Jisheng Xiao, Ph.D.

Research Interests:
biomaterials, nanoparticles, gene/drug delivery, cancer therapy
Research Summary

M.S. & Ph.D. Candidates

Yunxiao (Sherry) Zhu, M.S.

PhD student in Biomedical Engineering

Research Interests:
wound healing, biomaterials, thermoresponsive hydrogels
Research Summary

Simona Morochnik, B.S.

PhD student in Driskill Graduate Program in Life Sciences

Research Interests:
biomaterials, orthopedics
Research Summary

Current Undergraduate Students and Interns  

  • Michele Wang (Mentor: Jim Kim)
  • Rachel Suen (Mentor: Bin Jiang)

Former Post-doc and Research Associate Lab Members:

    Last known affiliation listed
  • Dr. Robert van Lith - Medical Writer, EBSCO, and freelance scientific editor
  • Dr. Jian Yang - freelance consultant
  • Dr. Karen Lapidos - Associate Director, Office of Research Development, Northwestern University
  • Dr. Ying Wang - Unknown
  • Dr. Elaine Zhang - Scientist, Nanosphere Inc.
  • Dr. Conchi Serrano - Post Doc, Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos (Toledo, Spain)
  • Dr. Hongjin Qiu - Staff Scientist, Beckman Coulter
  • Dr. Haichao Zhao - Research Scientist, RIKEN, Japan
  • Dr. Xue-Qing Zhang - Post Doc, Langer lab , MIT
  • Dr. Jae-Sung Lee - Sr. Research Scientist, Primorigen  Biosciences
  • Dr. Jian Yang - Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Penn State
  • Dr. Yong Kang - Residency - Pathology Brooklyn Hospital Center, NY
  • Dr. Xiahou Xia - Wrigley Co. IL
  • Dr. Delara Motlagh - Sr. Manager, Baxter Healthcare, IL

Former Graduate Students and Visiting Researchers:

    Last known affiliation listed
  • Komal Prem, BS - Mayo Clinic
  • Michele Jen, PhD -  Novartis, Dallas
  • Xuesong Wang - PhD student
  • Gali Baler, PhD - Co-Founder, Sintact Medical Systems, LLC
  • Wiktor Kasprzyk - Cracow University of Technology
  • Ryan Hoshi, PhD - Food and Drug Administration, Washington D.C.
  • Yi Ai, MS - GenScript, NJ
  • Antonio Webb, PhD - Assistant Professor, University of Florida
  • Eunji Chung-Yoo, PhD - Assistant Professor, University of Southern California
  • Josephine Allen, PhD - Assistant Professor , University of Florida
  • Aline Thomas - Post Doc, Babensee lab, Georgiatech
  • Trisha Koenke - GE Healthcare, Seattle
  • Yu-Chung (Miller) Tsai, MS - Sr. Associate at Amgen
  • Maria Doukas, MS - Associate, K&L Gates LLP, Chicago
  • Micah Rogel - Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellow, Northwestern University 
  • Cynthia Daniels, PhD - Chicago Public Schools
  • Anand Jagannath, MS - Resident Physician, Montefiori Medical Center, NY 
  • Hari Santhanam, MS - Attorney, Kirkland and Ellis LLP
  • Anchal Kaushiva, MS - Food and Drug Administration, Washington D.C.
  • Lisa Romito, MS - Medtronic Inc.
  • Marissa Darmoc, MS - Director, R&D Engineernig Operations, Stryker Spine
  • Kelly Huseby, MS - Engineering Manager, Medtronic
  • Edna Choi, MS - Sr. Manager of Operational Excellence, Novavax

Former Undergraduate Students and Interns:

  • Madison Ernst (mentor: Chongwen Duan/Robert van Lith)
  • Sheridan Lichtor (Mentor: Sherry Zhu)
  • Kai Huang (Mentor: Zdravka Cankova/Sherry Zhu)
  • Brian Cheng (Mentor: Jisheng Xiao)
  • Austin Kim
  • Carlos Mucharraz (Mentor: Mazen Albaghdadi)
  • Jose Carillo (Mentor: Robert van Lith)
  • Nneka Onyeka (Mentor: Jose Carillo / Robert van Lith)
  • Beatrix Kovacs
  • Amira Hannon (REU Student, Mentor: Sherry Zhu)
  • Alex Lortie (Mentor: Michele Jen)
  • Dominic Grosso (Mentor: Mazen Albaghdadi)
  • Iva Golemi, U of Wisconsin student (Mentor: Bin Jiang)
  • Andy Lee 
  • Louisiane Perrin (Mentor: Bin Jiang)
  • Ryan Lam (Co-advised by Prof. Wertheim. Mentor: Robert van Lith (until 05/2013), Bin Jiang (starting 06/2013))
  • Dina Kats (IBIS PhD Student Rotation. Mentor: Bin Jiang)
  • Vivek Prakash (Mentor: Mazen Albaghdadi/Jian Yang)
  • Savan Patel (Mentor: Karen Lapidos and Michele Jen)
  • Vincent Chen (Mentor: Michele Jen)
  • Xing Li (Mentor: Gali Baler)
  • Sharon Chen (Mentor: Jian Yang)
  • Jasmine Kwasa (Mentor: Karen Lapidos)
  • Mahlet Woldeyes (Mentor: Robert van Lith)
  • Tara Berglund (Mentor: Karen Lapidos)
  • Sarah Ponte (Mentor: Gali Baler)
  • Darlene Attiah - Teacher Summer Intern (Mentor: Jian Yang)
  • David Kang - High-School Summer Intern (Mentor: Jian Yang)
  • Ravi Patel (Mentor: Elaine Zhang)
  • Vikram Nandhan (Mentor: Elaine Zhang)
  • Adam Matsil (Mentor: Karen Lapidos)
  • Ashleigh Hood (Mentor: Michele Jen)
  • Luis Carbajal (Mentor: Conchi Serrano)
  • Matt Sugimoto (Mentor: Eunji Chung)
  • Andrew McGrain (Mentor: Eunji Chung)
  • Michael Tu (Mentor: Robert van Lith)
  • Alec Liu (Mentor: Elaine Zhang)
  • Alex Jiao (Mentor: Karen Lapidos)
  • John Kulesa (Mentor: Josephine Allen)
  • Justin Liu (Mentor: Karen Lapidos)
  • Mayank Vijayvergia (Mentor: Karen Lapidos)
  • Sahil Shah (Mentor: Elaine Zhang)
  • Tim Stanis (Mentor: Conchi Serrano & Robert van Lith)
  • Vikram Karandikar (Mentor: Eunji Chung)
  • Irene Swanenberg (Mentor: Karen Lapidos)
  • John Yu (Mentor: Ryan Hoshi)
  • Lisa Thompson - High School Summer Intern (Mentor: Anand Jagganath)
  • Vivek Kumar (Mentor: Tony Webb)
  • Sam Pickerill (Mentor: Tony Webb)
  • Jeff Kuo (Mentor: Xueqing Zhang)
  • Sadiya Khan (Mentor: Josephine Allen)
  • Asha Shekaran (Mentor: Josephine Allen)
  • Saloni Behl (Mentor: Ryan Hoshi)