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November 2015: Robert van Lith received an honorable mention award in the NUANCE Center's scientific images contest.

October 2015: Another paper by Bin Jian was accepted by Stem Cells and Development, titled: "SIRT1 Overexpression Maintains Cell Phenotype and Function of Endothelial Cells Derived from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells". Great job Bin!

June 2015: Mazen has finished his research fellowship and is mopving to Boston to start as Interventional cardiology fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital. It was great having you in the lab, Mazen, and good luck in this next step!

May 2015: Jian is leaving the lab and moving back to China to pursue his next career steps. Nice job developing new materials in our lab Jian, and good luck!

May 2015: Zdravka is leaving the Ameer lab to pursue a career in industry. You will be missed in the lab, Zdravka, but we wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

April 2015: Our research on transforming commonly-used drug protamine is highlighted by:, and surgicalproductsmag and others. 

February 2015: A paper by Bin Jiang got accepted to Acta Biomaterialia, titled "A polymer-extracellular matrix composite with improved thromboresistance and recellularization properties". 

January 2015: Another paper by Robert van Lith got accepted, this time in Free Radical Biology and Medicine, titled "Diazeniumdiolation of protamine sulfate reverses mitogenic effects on smooth muscle cells and fibroblasts"

December 2014: Our work on biomaterials with intrinsic antioxidant properties is featured in Biomaterials Forum 39(4), the quarterly magazine from the Society for Biomaterials.

December 2014: Ameerlab research featured in National News Media! Fox News highlights our recent research on ACL replacements.

October 2014: Professor Ameer was named a BMES Fellow for demonstrated exceptional achievement and experience in Biomedical Engineering. Congrats!

October 2014: Jian Yang received a postdoctoral research award from the Chicago Biomedical Consortium, nice work Jian!

July 2014: Our lab's research on intrinsically antioxidant biomaterials is being highlighted by:,,, bio-medicine.orghealthmedicinet.comsciencenewsline.comR & D Magazine,,, and others.

December 2014: Michele Jen successfully defended her PhD thesis : "Investigating the role of Sirtuin 1 (Sirt1) in the context of regenerative medicine for vascular and dermal wound healing". Michele will move back to Dallas to start her career in industry. Congrats Michele, fantastic work and we will miss you!

October 2014: A paper co-authored by Robert van Lith and Jian Yang got accepted in Biomacromolecules, titled "A thermo-responsive biodegradable polymer with intrinsic antioxidant properties".

August 2014: Robert van Lith successfully defended his PhD thesis : "Developing biomaterials for the attenuation of oxidative stress". Robert will stay on to continue work on antioxidant products. Congrats Robert, great work!

August 2014: Another paper by Gali Baler got accepted, this time in Biomacromolecules, titled "Albumin hydrogels formed by electrostatically triggered self-assembly and their drug delivery capability"

June 2014: A paper by Gali Baler got accepted in Biomaterials Science, titled "Advanced nanocomposites for bone regeneration"

June 2014: A paper by Robert van Lith got accepted in Biomaterials, titled "Engineering biodegradable polyester elastomers with antioxidant properties to attenuate oxidative stress in tissues"

May 2014: Bin Jiang received the prestiguous Postdoctoral Fellowship from the American Heart Association, as well as a postdoctoral award from the Chicago Biomedical Consortium, fantastic work Bin!

May 2014: At BME research day 2014, Gali Baler won the Research Progress Award. Congratulations, a great way to get recognition for his awesome Ph.D. work!

May 2014: Sherry Zhu successfully defended her M.S. thesis. Congratulations Sherry on getting your M.S. degree! We're happy to announce that Sherry will continue her work in our lab as a Ph.D. student.

April 2014: Gali Baler successfully defended his thesis on April 9, 2014. Congratulations Gali on getting your Ph.D.!

March 2014: Robert van Lith received a STAR Award from the Society for Biomaterials for his submission to the Annual Meeting 2014. Congratulations!

January 2014: A paper by PhD student Gali Baler got published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry B, titled "Electrostatic unfolding and interactions of albumin driven by pH changes: a molecular dynamics study"

November 2013: A paper by former postdoc Elaine Zhang and former research professor Karen Lapidos got published in Artificial Organs, titled "A receptor-based bioadsorbent to target advanced glycation end products in chronic kidney disease"

October 2013: Dr. Karen Lapidos will leave the Ameer Lab to start her role as Associate Director at NU's Office of Research Development. Congrats Karen on your new job, you will be thoroughly missed though!

September 2013: Jian Yang, Gali Baler, Robert van Lith and Dr. Ameer all gave well-received talks at BMES 2013 in Seattle.

July 2013: Ryan Lam won the poster award in the Comprehensive Transplant Center's Basic Science category. Congrats!

June 2013: Robert van Lith was featured in the spring issue of McCormick Magazine. For the article, see link.

May 2013: Raman Michael was selected as a Chemistry of Life Processes Summer Scholars Fellow, congrats!

May 2013: Ryan Lam got First Place with his poster in the 2013 Undergraduate Research and Arts Exposition, Natural Sciences and Engineering category. Congrats!

Feb. 2013: A paper got accepted by Proceedings of the National Academies of Science USA, titled "Cotransplantation with specific populations of spina bifida bone marrow stem/progenitor cells enhances urinary bladder regeneration"

Feb. 2013: A paper by former post-doc Ying Wang got accepted for publication in Biomaterials Science, titled "Photo-crosslinked biodegradable elastomers for controlled nitric oxide delivery"

Oct. 2012: Ryan Lam won the MSSRP Outstanding Poster Award for his poster titled "Construction of Thromboprotective Grafts Using Tissue Decellularization", congrats!

Aug. 2012: At BME research day 2012, Gali Baler received 2nd place in the poster competition, while Robert van Lith received the Thomas K. Goldstick award for BME teaching, congratulations to both, a nice haul for the Ameer lab!

June 2012: Michele Jen received the American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship, great news, congratulations!

March 2012: Gali Baler received the Ruth L. Kirchstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) for his project titled "Electrostatically triggered hydrophobic self-assembly of protein hydrogels". A great feat, congratulations!

-Robert van Lith has been selected for the Kellogg Management for Scientists and Engineers program, congratulations!

-Ryan Hoshi successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis on May 25th, a fantastic accomplishment! Congrats Ryan and allthe best in your future career! Ryan started his new job at the FDA in November 2012, congrats!

-Eunji Chung's paper on the new "Low pressure foaming" technique was featured on the cover of the journal Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods!

- Yi Ai graduated with a M.S. degree in Biotechnology and will start as a lab technician at Rush University in December. Congratulations on this achievement and we wish Yi all the best in her future career!

- Elaine Zhang started her new position at Nanosphere Inc. We thank Dr. Zhang for all her hard work the past years and wish her all the best in her future endeavors!

- Michele Jen received her M.S. Degree, congratulations! She will continu to pursue her Ph.D. Degree in the Ameer lab.

- Frontispiece Feature article in the May 2011 issue of Advanced Materials: "Shape-Memory Polymers: Novel Biodegradable Shape-Memory Elastomers with Drug-Releasing Capabilities" with first author Conchi Serrano. Congratulations!

-Dr. Ameer has been appointed a full professor, an enormous achievement, congratulations!

- Tony Webb has been appointed associate professor in biochemical engineering at the University of Georgia, a big step in his career! Congrats to Tony and all the best in his future endeavors!

-Professor Ameer received a American Recovery and Reinvestment Act NIH Challenge Grant for the project:"A Revolutionary Therapy for Atherosclerosis: Liquid Cast Arterial Stents".  (September 2009)

-On 6/17/2011 no less than 4 students of the Ameerlab received their degrees! Congratulations to Andrew McGrain (BS), Matt Sugimoto (BS), Gali Baler (MS) and Eunji Chung-Yoo (PhD) with their amazing achievements! Gali Baler will remain in the Ameerlab pursuing his PhD.

-Elaine Zhang received the 2010 Baxter Innovation Award for her research in developing a novel extracorporeal bioadsorbent to selectively remove advanced glycation end products (AGEs). (September 2010)

- Conchi Serrano started her new position as a Post Doctoral Associate at the Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid in December. Congratulations! 

-Michele Jen received an NIH Biotechnology Program Fellowship (September 2010) 

-Tony Webb was named the 2010 Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Emerging Postdoctoral Entrepreneur. Tony won this award for being the co-founder, senior scientist, and lead development engineer of VesselTek (co-founded with Dr. Ameer).

-Gali Baler and Robert van Lith both passed their Ph.D. qualifying exams, congrats to both! (September 2010)

-Gali Baler received his M.S. degree, congrats! (August 2010)

-Karen Lapidos received an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act NIH Award: "Endothelial Progenitor Cells in Diabetes and Renal Failure" (June 2009)

-Adam Matsil, working for Karen Lapidos, received a $4000 CLP Undergraduate Summer Scholars Fellowship

-Josephine Allen left the Ameer-lab to start her own lab as an assistant professor at the University of Florida. An amazing achievement, congratulations!

-Karen Lapidos received an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act NIH Award: "Endothelial Progenitor Cells in Diabetes and Renal Failure" (June 2009)

-Michele Jen received a Professional Development award (September 2009)

-Ryan Hoshi received an NIH-BTP Cluster Fellowship (October 2009) 

-Robert van Lith received an AHA Predoctoral Fellowship (July 2009)